Helmsley Galleries


In addition to our permanent and changing display of paintings we will be holding feature exhibitions as a showcase for a particular artist or groups of artists.


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On view at the Black Swan Hotel

At the Black Swan Hotel we currently have a selection of paintings by artists including:
Mike Bernard, RI; John Trickett, Sally Martin, Nicholas St John Rosse and Richard Thorn.

Mikes Bernard
Mike Bernard
Nicholas St John Rosse
Nicholas St John Rosse


The Gallery is open daily (unless privately reserved for events) and welcomes guests to view the artwork on show in this unique environment. As the evening draws, The Gallery then takes on the more functional role as a restaurant


The paintings are on show in The Gallery, reception and lounges.

See the gallery floorplan below


On view at the Feversham Arms Hotel

At the Feversham Arms we have the latest work from:


James Naughton’s powerful interpretations of the mountains and moors;

city and figure subjects by Michael Alford; Artists Jeremy Barlow and Ian Houston have paintings

reflecting their travels at home and abroad


Nadia Tsakova
Nadia Tsakova
Michael Alford
Michael Alford


These and many more are on display in the hallways, lounges and restaurant. See the gallery floorplan below


Gallery Floor Plan


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